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The Good Stuff:
Bridal Services, FAQ'S & more!


Bring your Bridal Makeup vision to life...

Let’s have a look into your investment! Below is a list of what’s included when you book with Zori :-)

Secure your wedding date:

  • $100 non-refundable retainer (goes toward your final total).

  • Signed contract.

  • Reminder: Dates are secured on a first come first serve basis, therefore a trial does not hold a date.

  • Travel Fees: Travel fees vary based on location. This is discussed during the booking process!

  • I offer:  On location touch-ups at your venue!

*If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask! There is more information in the contract as well!

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Bride Makeup:

  • Customized skin prep based on the bride’s specific skin concerns/needs

  • Full face of HD-friendly makeup -Strip or individual lashes

  • Body glow/contour

  • Powder and lip touch-ups

  • Touch-up kit

  • Personalized makeup timeline (sent out once a final count and end time are confirmed)

  • The Bride Guide: a document sent out once you're booked! (This PDF includes FAQs, skin prep & product recommendations, spray tan tips, and MORE!)

Bridal Party/Moms:

  45 Min
  • On-site makeup application.

  • Full face of HD-friendly makeup.

  • Strip or individual lashes.

  • Touch-up kit.

 Junior Bridesmaids 14+:     $85

Junior Bridesmaids 13 & younger:   $70

 Flower Girls:   $55

Bridal Trial/Preview:   $150

Trial for Moms/Bridal Party:   $125


Additional Makeup Artist

*Required for more than 6 services.

Why an additional fee ?

In order to maintain the same level of quality in each and every makeup application, I do not take on more than 6 applications myself. This can help prevent early morning start & ensure everyone’s ready on time.


  • What if I don’t have my final count?
    I have a 4 service minimum: Bride +3, so we can start there. The sooner you confirm your final count, the better! This allows ample time for an additional artist to be secured, a timeline to be set, etc.
  • When is the latest I can confirm the final count by?
    I book an additional artist as soon as you're booked with 7+ services. As long as time allows and an additional artist is available, you can add services up until a month before your wedding date. If you have 6 or less services and are adding more, this needs to be confirmed 4 months in advance to ensure another artist can be secured.
  • Who is the additional makeup artist ?
    I have an AMAZING network of makeup artists on my team. I ensure whoever I bring along has perfected their craft, has a similar makeup style as myself and is sanitary with their applications!
  • What is included in the touch up kit ?
    Oil blotting sheets Powder puff -Lip colour Makeup wipes Q-tips
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